New Electrical Circuits

Just because you have sufficient power for your home now is no guarantee that it is going to accommodate any additional demands that you place upon it. While many homeowners are under the impression that just adding circuits to the breaker box will handle any additional demands, this isn’t always the case.

Most homes are outfitted with an electrical panel that is suited to its electrical requirements, with a little room for increased electricity. Adding a circuit or two might be just fine to accommodate your new electrical needs, but it’s quite easy to exceed the safe threshold if you’re not careful.

Instead of just adding circuits in the hope that it will be enough for your needs, it’s best to have your circuits and electrical panel evaluated by a certified [sc:city] electrician.

When do you need to look into adding circuits or updating your electrical panel?

Any time you add an appliance to your home, you are increasing the demand on the electrical system. Consult with a licensed electrician before hooking up a major appliance to determine if your system is ready for the added load.

  • Whenever you set up a big holiday light display, this is one of the leading causes for needing upgraded circuits.
  • Hot tubs draw a lot of electricity and are almost always a time for installing new circuits and potentially upgrading your electrical panel.
  • If adding a new room to your house or other additional square footage is added, this will need to be accommodated by adding one or more new circuits to the system. Depending on the size and electrical requirements of your addition, the increase in amperage could require updating the electric panel as the only viable option.

If you’re unsure about the best course of action, consult with the professionals at [sc:company]. We’re always happy to talk with you about all of your options over the phone. We’re happy to schedule an appointment at your property to provide a free estimate too, and to give you an in depth consultation in order to pick the very best course of action for your situation.

Our policy of honest advice means that we’ll present you with the proper information, even if you decide to not use our services. That’s how we’ve done business since [sc:year], and it’s the reason that we are still the leading electrician in [sc:city] and the surrounding areas. Call us today at [sc:phone] to experience our excellent service in action. 

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