D. R. Denny

D.R. Denny, Master Electrician
Founder of Denny’s Electric

D.R. Denny (Dr. Denny to his friends), is a life-long resident of the Greater Cincinnati area. In 1958, he started electrical work as an electrician’s helper, working on neon signs. Over the next 14 years of electrical work, he achieved the status of Master Electrician. He often was foreman on major electrical jobs, including construction of Donald Trump’s first real estate project, Swifton Commons.

In 1972, D.R. started his own electrical company, Denny’s Electrical Company. His son, Scott, followed in his father’s footsteps and joined with him as co-owner of the company. D.R.’s vast experience and familiarity with older building techniques is invaluable when troubleshooting electrical breakdowns and finding solutions to complex electrical issues.

Denny’s Electric has wired many fine homes, restaurants, and commercial buildings, including:

  • Famous Recipe
  • IGA
  • Skyline Chili
  • Castellini’s Fruit and Vegetable Market

The company has also done thousands of smaller jobs for businessmen and residents throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Together, D.R. and Scott form a father-son team which has completed over 10,000 electrical jobs in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Denny’s Electric, LLC is a small company with a strong history. Its work ethic and care for its customers is summed up by company motto, “We wire your home like we would wire our own.”